We Africans have always told stories and communicated via art forms whether it be through songs and music, or sculptures and paintings.

Despite this, there is hardly any representation of great, contemporary African artwork in the international art market. We have found this astonishing given the amount of amazing pieces we have seen in African countries from Nigeria and Ghana, to Ethiopia , Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and more. There is also an overwhelming amount of fantastic art work overseas within the African diaspora that is not exhibited nor promoted enough.

How has the global art market not yet clocked on to this art phenomena?
We have come to the conclusion that this may be due to a lack of information and exposure to modern and contemporary African art and its artists; and also because art on the continent does not yet have the strong eco-system and infrastructure nor recognition from its local audiences that it needs.

There is an abundance of talent, yet not enough platforms nor policies that promote or support African art and design. And although there are a few, there is not enough representation between the artists themselves and potential buyers.
So, I decided to create The Afropolitan Collector…

The Afropolitan Collector is an art advisory platform that specialises in Modern and Contemporary African Art and Design. We work with a range of clients and art organisations from government and non-profit, to auction houses, museums, galleries, brands and independent artists.

Our dedication is to not only seek and select exceptional art and artists; but to also further cultivate and promote the growing African art market, locally and internationally.

We are obsessed with the art coming out of Africa and we see the value it possesses, not just economically from an investment standpoint;  but culturally and socially too. Now is the time for us to collaborate, create and change the global African art narrative!